Working Girl.

So my internship season has started and first up is a few weeks at a film production company. Luckily, working in media jobs means you’re pretty much free to wear what you want. Still, I like to feel as if I’m making an effort, at least as far as style is concerned. For my first day, I chose this outfit. Sorry for my slightly menacing expression.
Leather jacket: All Saints
Leopard print t-shirt: H&M
Chinos: ASOS
Shoes: Evans
For my second day, I just switched that t-shirt for another H&M top, which is a cropped, loose tan top with holes punched in it throughout. Because it was the UCL Arts Colours Ball last night and I stayed with a friend, I didn’t want to complicate matters by bringing a whole different outfit for day two, so the t-shirt swap was a good plan. There are no full-length pictures of my dress from the ball, so I’ll put some heels on and model it in front of my tripod sometime soon!

3 Replies to “Working Girl.”

  1. Looking great! Love the jacket 🙂 x

  2. I love your chinos! I never wear trousers, but I keep seeing lots of really nice summery chinos in the shops so I think it's time to invest in a pair!

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