Maxi & Midi.

Happy Monday! This is the first Monday since I moved back from Canada that I haven’t been travelling or working. Today I’m going down to Deal on the Kent coast to see various family members and hopefully have some fish & chips. Hopefully now that I’m not working and just chillin’ and seeing people I’ll have more time to photograph my outfits for your viewing pleasure.
This is what I wore for an afternoon cup of coffee with Dani at Foxcroft & Ginger in Soho, then a brilliant evening with loads of old schoolfriends in Bethnal Green. I got this skirt last week because I realised how much I like my burnt orange maxi skirt but wanted one in black so I could carry on the look into autumn/winter. I have visions of wearing this with my beloved faux mink jacket and boots and stomping down Gower Street to university come autumn.
Skirt: Topshop
Sandals: New Look

And this is Sunday’s outfit for going for lunch with my brother and grandad, then a spot of shopping. You’ll see the fruit of my labours sometime this week!
Top: H&M Divided
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Evans

5 Replies to “Maxi & Midi.”

  1. love your Sunday outfit! The print is so simple yet perfect.

  2. Found your post on how you feel about being "fat" from a French for Cupcakes post awhile ago. You are a seriously amazing writer. haha you are "fucking marvelous"! GO YOU! You just earned yourself a new reader :]

  3. Note: On google reader that is! I don't use my blogger reader any more.

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