Birthday Celebration #1 : Seeing Stars.

If you have an aversion to foxy ladies, avert thine eyes now! This is a super edition of Foxy Lady Express, featuring an additional member of my tribe.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my 22nd birthday so Saturday night was the big soirée with drinking and dancing in Soho. It was also the day I moved some stuff into my new house in Archway, north London, where I will be living with two beauteous ladies. The Mews we live on is the perfect photography location, so once I move in properly you will be no longer treated to regular views of my leafy garden in the south east London suburbs and instead will be seeing lots of the garage in front of our house.

This is Beth, one of my housemates/favourite people in the world. She’s not quite a chubby princess, but a princess she is. Look at her! Behold that extreme beauty!
Dress : American Apparel
Tights : Boots
Shoes : Bertie
And as you know full well, this is me. I only slightly regretted my decision to wear a jumpsuit when I repeatedly needed to wee after being bought too many drinks, and having to struggle in and out of a non-stretchy cotton creation every time I made a trip to the bathroom.
Photo #3 is included because you’ve probably never seen my teeth and I want to prove that I have them. I think my teeth are one of my least attractive features, so I’ve been working on a closed-mouth smile for years that people ALWAYS tell me to abandon in favour of a proper smile.

Playsuit : Primark
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Gold stilettos : Re:Dress NYC
Makeup: Face as usual, eyes done with Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Supercurling Mascara, Revlon matte lipstick in Smoked Peach, Barry M nail varnish in Yellow.

Matched my nails to my playsuit!

I had an amazing birthday celebration, thank you to everyone who came and showed me some love.

You know what would make an amazing birthday present? (apart from an Alexander McQueen scarf, yeah) If I could reach 100 chums on Google Friend Connect. If you have the urge, please click ‘follow’! I only need 4 more of you before I feel like I’m not just a goon taking pictures of myself in my garden 😉


7 Replies to “Birthday Celebration #1 : Seeing Stars.”

  1. Sexy ladies! Loving the edgy new backdrop, too.

  2. you both look stunning, really love your playsuit! i hate when people tell me to smile properly. there is a reason i smile with my mouth closed haha. glad you had a great night out birthday twin xx

  3. LAVV. oh god, both such fabulous ladies. and the yellow playsuit and yellow nails! eek!

  4. Every now and then I'll run across an outfit that will make me follow the person's blog no questions asked and no further perusal needed; this is that outfit. Amazing. The playsuit with those tights and shoes and that hair! Omg, omg.

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