Birthday Celebration #3 : Colour Block Loveliness.

My mum buys me the best presents in the world. She has the best taste not just for her own look, but knows what I’m into as well. This gorgeous dress was one of my birthday presents yesterday. I’d lusted after it when I saw it online, bought it, agonised over it, and finally returned it because it was a bit expensive / I wasn’t sure if it really fitted (paranoia). So imagine my glee when I was presented with it yesterday, my mum not even knowing I’d wanted it, let alone bought it. Good old ma. I decided it did fit, and wore it to have a few people over for an impromptu Pimms & meat & cake gathering in the garden last night.
Dress : Topshop
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
Necklace : Astley Clarke
Face – same as ever, cheeks BeneFit Bella Bamba, eyes using Sisley Phyto Eyes palette, lips Revlon matte lipstick in Stormy Pink.
(photos by Beth John)
(it’s not a B for Bethany, it’s a figure 8. When I was little, I thought eight was the biggest/best number and would express my love in terms of eight. ‘I love you eight’ seemed a reasonable and accurate declaration of affections to my tiny brain. Now I’m older, I still love the number eight for being not only even but symmetrical. Perfect. Another wonderfully well-chosen birthday present from my parents.)
This entry was brought to you by the number eight.
Goodbye, birthday!

9 Replies to “Birthday Celebration #3 : Colour Block Loveliness.”

  1. The dress is perfect on you Bets, I love the colour clash. Its so so elegant. And your hair is perfect. xoxo

  2. Your description at the top of the page made me laugh "no crocs" haha I sell these as a job and it's so difficult pretending that I actually think they're fashionable! 😛
    Anyways I love this dress, amazing colour blocking example!? Hope you had a nice birthday! 🙂 x

  3. To quote Sufjan, and I think the dress looks nice on you. Stunning! And it's a great fit, don't worry about that.

  4. Love this dress !
    you look lovely in it 🙂
    cannot believe i haven't seen this in topshop before !

  5. Wowzers sexy lady, love the dress! Your make up looks really lovely in the photos as well.

    The story about 'I love you 8' is adorable! I used to suck people's cheeks when I was little cus that's what I thought kisses were! x

  6. You look great, those colours really suit you 🙂

  7. Happy belated birthday! I adore this dress, especially the colour combination, and you look fabulous as always!

  8. I love those colours together! I have to say too, a pimms + meat + cake gathering sounds fricking awesome! Hope you had a good birthday 🙂

  9. Wow that's an amazing dress and a sweet necklace!
    Happy Birthday!

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