A Variation on a Theme.

I enjoy this top very much, so I decided to try it out with jeans. I still enjoy this top very much. More excitingly, I have a new addition to my collection of lovely scarves! Ever since the Louis Vuitton red leopard print scarf made an appearance several years ago, I’ve been waiting impatiently for a high street brand to bring out something in red leopard. And my time has come, ASOS obliged! How great is this?!
Metallic sweater : H&M
Jeans : Evans
Shoes : Evans
Scarf : ASOS
Necklace : This Charming Girl
Nails : Models Own in Coral Reef
It’s so bloody good! It’s my joint-favourite new accessory with a magnificent item that I’ll post about next week. Happy Friday, y’all!

7 Replies to “A Variation on a Theme.”

  1. You are gorgeous!! :] I love your style! And I LOVE your blog! :]

  2. That top is ace. I might actually prefer it with jeans. Mostly because jeans are my bottoms of choice! Your scarf is ace, a bit of red leopard is ALWAYS good.

    Also, love the TCG necklace, Jackie makes lovely stuff doesn't she!

  3. I have major jeans envy, how do you get them to fit like that! Anything that's loose enough around the waist on me is too baggy in the leg, and vice versa, it's extremely annoying since skinny's are my favourite! But they look darn good on you!



    When we were in Paris my husband told me he'd buy me anything, anything at all I would like. Apparently not the LV leopard scarf though ("600 euros for a PIECE OF CLOTH").

    I am on my way to ASOS to check their version out xx

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