Deep Purple.

I don’t really have a ‘favourite colour’ or feel myself actively choosing or rejecting particular shades, but I realised that if I have a choice between a few colours, I will instinctively go for plum. When I lived in MontrĂ©al, my handbag, my watch, my snood, my cardigan were all deep purple.
I can’t remember why exactly but my mum kindly donated this shirt to me before I moved up to Archway. You may notice that two posts in a row have featured clothes stolen from my mum… what can I say, she’s stylish and I’m but a poor student!
Shirt : Gap
Jeans: Evans
Shoes: Evans
Scarf: a present from Jonny (@mrjswift on Twitter, y’all should follow him)
Hairband: Forever 21
Necklace: This Charming Girl
Ring : Primark
Watch : Sekonda
Nails : OPI – Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
This outfit was worn to meet my darling Alice for dinner at my favourite cafĂ© in London. It’s called Foxcroft & Ginger and I love it so much that when I talk about it people must think I’m some sort of mole planted by them in the wider world. But I’m not. I just love it. Oh and they further increased my love for them for the following words regarding the chelsea bun I ordered: ‘Ummm it looked a bit like it was falling apart so we just gave you two’. Now that’s what I call service.
Voting closes imminently, so this is my final push to ask you to please vote for me (if you so wish!) in the Student Blog category of the Cosmo Blog Awards! 

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