Lady in Red.

Hallo, hallo and happy new week to you. For the first time ever, I bring you a review. I was contacted about the site Zalando which is just getting started in the UK, and I had a look around and decided it could be a site that might be useful to you or I. One of the main reasons I accepted to review this brand (I’ve self-imposed a policy of only saying yes to stuff I’d have a genuine curiosity in to begin with), was because they offer free postage + packing, which for me is a winner. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to review- originally I was going to go for something slouchy and scruffy like this super cool printed t-shirt, but then I decided what I ‘really needed’ was another dress, so it was down to this chic day dress or this rather foxy night dress. The glamour won out, and I went for the scarlet lace confection. I ordered it on a Wednesday afternoon and it had arrived by Monday, so I’m giving the free p+p a big thumbs up for starters. The dress itself is lovely. It’s by Vila, who are a brand I see around but don’t think I’ve ever bought before. This is partly because when brands mark their clothes S, M, L, XL it all seems fairly arbitrary and especially if you’re ordering online it can be a bit of a minefield. But body-wise it fits absolutely fine. I’m 5ft9ish and it’s quite short on me, but then again I find most high street dresses are. I really, really love this dress and look forward to getting it out for any upcoming frivolity I may find. 
Zalando get top marks from me, and judging by the range of brands they carry, I think I’ll be ordering from them again.
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
And just for the ~memories~, the original MontrĂ©al foursome of Marianna, me, Jonny and Emma. 

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