Skulls & Swallows.

Hullo hullo, hope you’re all feeling appropriately festive with Hanukkah underway and Christmas on the horizon! Yesterday was spent perusing the West End, dining in Leon, drinking in my beloved secret bar and watching a disappointing solo set from Kate Jackson of the Long Blondes. Mixed fortunes. I just played around with the background colours on here, I was feeling like the dark background was too oppressive and it was weirding me out. Hope you don’t mind the change.
As you may notice, I got a haircut! It’s all sleek and soft and lovely- gone are the crispy, dry ends that have endured chlorine abuse five times a week. And I got a fringe! I get my hair cut at Ego in Greenwich, and if you’re local then I 100% recommend trying it!
Top : H&M Divided (UK 16)
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins (UK 16)
Shoes : Evans
My aunt has brilliant taste and got me this ring and necklace for Christmas. I literally want everything from Galibardy. They’re so good for helping me with a skull fix and reminding me I do not need any £200 skull jewellery from Zoe & Morgan! DO.NOT.NEED.

Ring : Galibardy
Necklace : Galibardy
And seeing as everyone likes photos of Mark, here he is again, wearing a jumper left to him by his housemate before he moved to Australia, and some Ray Ban glasses.

Oops, my fringe moved. And I’m doing something weird with my hands. But here’s my face anyway, and I’m wearing Models Own lipstick in Blackcurrant. 

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