Rainy Evening Dinner.

Yesterday Annabel kindly had me and a few others over for the strange but brilliant mix of dim sum, cheese, chive and ham bread and brownies. Oh and whiskey. Highlights included a trip to the supermarket where we fell in love with a man (that happens to everyone, right?), me attempting to be helpful but actually being rubbish at everything, and Annabel receiving a truly excellent present (more on that later)… 
Blouse : River Island (UK 16)
Green camisole underneath : Topshop Tall (UK 16)
Faux-fur collar : ASOS
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins (UK 16)
Ankle boots : Evans
All clothes : H&M
Shoes : Vans
Nails : OPI in Fresh Frog of Bel Air
Munchies : essential purchase
Double wolf-headed ring : ASOS
Thing I’m ok at doing : cutting up chives with scissors
Thing I’m not very good at doing : kneading dough
Sassy Annabel sifts flour
Simon shows how the collar can also be given a ~masculine edge~… doesn’t he?
Annabel got given this remarkable invention : a hat and gloves hybrid that LOOKS LIKE A TIGER. Apparently it’s from Spirithood.
See you on the other side… 2012 here we come!

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