Flying North.

I started 2012 with a truly delightful trip to Helsinki. It’s cold and often dark up there, and I had to revert to my standard Montréal clothing to keep warm. I never used to look particularly stylish in Montréal, and Helsinki was no exception. I find it basically impossible to keep my cool whilst keeping out the cold. But for your viewing pleasure, here is a typical outfit from Helsinki. 
So extravagant am I that I wore leopard print jeans (‘looks like they’ve been rained on’, said one of my co-travellers) with a leopard print sweater dress. And just you try to tell me I’m wrong.
(Also note the trashed Uggs. Thing I learned from living in Montréal #23634: Uggs are not a suitable winter shoe)
Sweater : Jaeger (XL)
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins (UK 16)
Hat : Primark
Scarf : Cos
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots : Ugg
Lipstick : MAC in Up the Amp
Mittens : ASOS
Necklace : Forever 21
This is what one should do when one wears this outfit : 

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