Blue Monday.

This is what I wore last night to the Zomgbloggersbash as organised by Rockalily Lipsticks. I had to wear it to my class that finished in the early evening, but to be honest, I usually turn up to classes wearing lipstick and dripping in costume jewellery so it was nothing new. Honestly, the evening was a complete success because I made the acquaintance of some brilliant girls and generally just had a great time, so THANK YOU to Rockalily for hosting it!

(Oh, and someone commented on my last post asking if I was in King’s Cross last night- the answer is yes, I was! I implore you all to say hi if you ever see me around London, it’s almost always me!)

Dress : H&M (L)
Shoes : Evans
Lipstick is MAC in Show Orchid 
Gem + leopard nails done with a mixture of things: base colour is Chanel in PĂ©ridot, spots done with a Nails Inc varnish I got free with InStyle back in the summer, and the gems and nail art pen came in a set I got in Topshop the other day. Very exciting!
Ring : H&M, (fur by nature)
(yeah I changed my hair colour!)

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