Mad Men.

I love Mad Men. I’ve watched it since the beginning and think it’s truly exceptional television, so the hiatus has been pretty painful. In fact, I’ve seen Jon Hamm more recently than I’ve seen Don Draper which really isn’t right (on the roof terrace of a hotel at the Cannes Film Festival last year!), and the return of the series has been long-awaited by me and my friends. Unfortunately, due to academic deadlines we couldn’t all get together and watch the new episode when it aired and had to wait until last Friday to get the group of six of us together with wine, whiskey and snacks. 
I still had my big hair left over from Burger Queen but it had got a bit messed up in the interim, so I just pinned it back and tried to smooth it into some vaguely controlled up-do.
T-shirt : River Island (UK 18)
Skirt : Monki (L)
Shoes : Evans
Earrings : Topshop
Necklace : belonged to my grandma
Although my makeup is not at all interesting, I wanted to post this picture because I’ve always had a problem with my teeth/smile and I’m finally at the point where I’m totally over it. I know there isn’t much smile on show here, but I just wanted to put it out into the world as a statement that my smile is fine and that it doesn’t ruin my face.
Oh, and sorry about the silly ribbon thing escaping from my top.

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