Fuck Flattering : Date Edition.

So, I got into the Masters programme I’d applied for (MA Journalism at Goldsmiths, for the curious). This called for a celebration, so a standard date night was combined with toasting my success.
I’m crazy about trousers on other people, but can never find a pair that really work for me. The small check pair I bought off Kirsty are one the first I’ve encountered that I feel I can wear. But when the Swan range came out, I saw these unusual trews and thought I’d give them a go. I don’t know who dreamed up a matchstick pattern, but it’s cute. Anyway, I don’t feel that this is the most ‘flattering’ look on me (anonymous trolls, do your worst!) but I really, really like it. I just can’t help but indulge my fashion impulses, even if they aren’t entirely ‘flattering’. They make me happy. 
Blazer : ASOS Curve (UK 18)
T-shirt : Dorothy Perkins (UK 18)
Trousers : Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans (UK 18)
Usual makeup, frog necklace from Topshop via my beloved Charlotte.
Detail of the matchstick print
As with any good date night, it descended into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Pimm’s and confectionery in bed.

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  1. Those trousers look AMAZING on you! I am really tempted to buy a pair of myself now…and I've been so strong in resisting buying ANYTHING from the range.

    Congrats on getting onto your MA – AND Goldsmiths is literally down the road from me – Brockley/New Cross meet ups ahoy!

  2. I love them on you – hope you didn't get any crumbs in the bed ;0) oh and congrats on the Masters Ms Smartypants!

  3. congrats on your good news! Love the trousers, they look amazing on you! 🙂 x

  4. I agree with Monkey, those trousers look great on you!
    I can't go to the shop (i'm italian) and I can't understand if I like the Clemente Ribeiro for Evans.

  5. You look great! I love the matchstick pattern, so cute!

  6. You look great Bethany! If anything, I would take baggy trousers as an excuse to go with a *well* bosom-emphasising tight top for a pure RAW GLAMMA look! Lovely lovely stuff.

  7. Those trousers look seriously fantastic on you! I will hold my hands up and admit (non-anonymously) that on occasion in the past you have posted the odd outfit that I don't find particularly 'flattering' – but if you enjoy wearing it, and it makes you feel good, who am I or anyone else to pass comment?!! But PLEASE don't worry about these trousers as they are way flattering. I bet they would look killer with heels as well. I think if you aren't used to wearing trousers it can feel a bit odd at first, like your legs and hips are more on show, but please persist as they really suit you 🙂

  8. Congratulations!
    I've told you before, and will tell you again… I'm so jealous of your hair.
    The trousers look gorgeous on you 🙂

    Tess x

  9. Those trousers look so fab on you! And have made me want them even more than I already do, if thats at all possible….I've been dying to get them since seeing them, and I intend to equally stick my fingers up to flattering because I want to wear something I like in a way I like…

    But your man looks lovely, and how your date night ended seems like perfection to me….you're one very well deserving girl of all that is now being bestowed upon you!

  10. Love those trousers, they look lovely on you! I'm so envious of your hair, it always looks amazing. x

  11. Personally, I think you look fantabulous in the trousers! I love the whole outfit in fact. The print on the pants is so cute!

  12. Wonderful news, congratulations B!

    That's a fantastic portrait btw, a new Blogger profile pic I say!

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