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Well it’s that time of year again: once more I am Bethany the magazine intern, providing hours of fun at an office near you! Fortunately, this means absolutely no change to my wardrobe seeing as I hope never to work anywhere that cares about what I wear. So I took the opportunity to wear my amazing new ASOS sequin leggings yesterday, and what a delight it was. Bopping along City Road with my galaxy print backpack, the sun shining and knowing no one was going to make me feel bad about myself when I got to work, I felt gloriously in the spirit of ‘look at all the fucks I do not give’, which I suppose is my modus operandi. The leggings are quite big, but I guess that’s because I just order stuff from Curve because I can’t face trawling through the ASOS main range and like the streamlined selection on Curve: testament to my laziness. So, er, idk if they come up big in themselves, or if it’s just that I’m wearing a size too big for me. They’re really are quite exciting though, and I look forward to dazzling the citizens of Old Street for weeks to come.

T-shirt : Topshop Tall (UK 16)
Leggings : ASOS Curve (UK 20)
Shoes : New Look

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