golden girl.


Hello pals! Yesterday was a lovely day of lunching with two of my fave girls, laughing over coffee, going to a press screening of the new film by one of my favourite directors in the world ever, and dinner. It was great. And I liked my outfit! This Luella cardigan feels quite difficult to wear, but I think collared dresses and shirts are the perfect answer.

Dress : Primark
Cardigan : Luella
Shoes : Topshop
Satchel : Primark
Necklace : Tatty Devine

Closer look at the glorious £9 Primark satchel…

And my matching nails, with Revlon Gold Coin as the base colour, the best gold nail varnish in the world ever (done myself, naturally)

The sweet embellished collar of my dress, and my very, very old Tatty Devine necklace. I’d love to know how long I’ve had this, if any TD geeks know which collection this is from!

And we went for a coffee and some cake at my favourite café, Foxcroft & Ginger in Soho, and Nisha, Willo and I fell in love with the sofa on the plates that the cake came on. We want to pay homage to Marc Jacobs and get this sofa tattooed on us.

Oh and I dropped into Tatty Devine and tried out THIS bad boy which I want sooooo much <3 anyone wanna help a girl out?

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