who’s that girl.


Hello pals! I went to see the greatest pop star in the world last night- Robyn! She didn’t disappoint, but then again, she never would. I wore this lovely teal Topshop dress that I realised I had been neglecting lately. But the real love of my life at the moment are the earrings…

Dress : Topshop Tall (UK 14)
Shoes : Evans

Check out my kickass earrings! They are my current FAVOURITE things, apart from another pair I got from the same shop that I’ll post next week! They’re from I’m Your Present, and they are wonderful. I want everything from there so plz buy my everything.

Oh and my mismatched nails using Essie and Revlon…

LAST CALL – I would love to see everyone here this weekend! It’s the launch night for my wonderful pal’s zine, Cinnamon Buns, and we have some rad bands playing, I’ve made an EXCELLENT music request to the brilliant DJs, my beau + I are working on the merch stand so if you want to come hear some amazing music, check out a queer trans-faggy body-positive zine and say hi to me, then come down to Buffalo Bar! THERE WILL BE FREE CINNAMON BUNS.

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