Help a Burger Queen!


Ending up in the Burger Queen final was one of the highlights of my 2012, and 2012 has been my all-time best year so that’s no mean feat. It’s a unique, wonderful moment in the fat calendar, and represents a radical and ridiculously fun approach to fatness and image. And Burger Queen needs you! Its mastermind, the inimitable, flawless Scottee has set up a WeFund page for Burger Queen 2013 to make it bigger, fatter and more queen-tastic than ever, hoping to raise £600 for next year’s extravaganza! BUT if they don’t make it to £600 then they get NOTHING so as you can see, it’s a very serious matter! With the £600, Scottee would be able to hire a production manager to make it a slicker series of events, and also document the work better. I can’t tell you how much fun Burger Queen is for participants and audiences alike (having been on both sides), and anything that can be done to make it kick more ass than ever before is a massive benefit to rad fats <3

Please go here and donate to the brilliant, wonderful Burger Queen!

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