Jumpers & jewellery.


I love this fluffy jumper. I’m a nightmare to sit next to in class because it rubs off EVERYWHERE. But it’s adorable and feels super romantic and totally swoonsome. I hadn’t worn my beloved black maxi skirt in ages and decided now was the time to break it out again. And have we talked about my wonderful name necklace courtesy of bro extraordinaire, resident yak and former housemate Beth??? If not, here we are…


(Wonderful necklace from Tatty Devine! Such a great present <3 People often ask me why it has a number 8 on it. When I was a wee lass, I thought 8 was the biggest and best number and would attribute it to the most important things. For example: I love you eight)


Jumper : H&M (L)
Skirt : Topshop (UK 14)
Boots : Evans


… oh my gad I need a haircut

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