Keep it Queer.


Saturday was the Most Wonderful Day of the Year, owing to it being Queer Zine Fest London, and the last ever Bad Reputation dance party all in one day. My pal Seb is the brains behind Cinnamon Buns fanzine, and we took the opportunity to sell the zine and various amazing accompanying merch at the Zine Fest. I saw lots of wonderful friends from around the internet and real life, made lots of new ones, bought amazing inspirational reading material in the form of ALL THE ZINES, and even had the honour of having a few people come up to me and say they recognised me from my blog :’) It was a great day. Don’t even get me started on Bad Reputation… best party in the history of ever.

Here’s what I wore for QZFL, before I changed into something a bit sexier for Bad Rep (sorry folks, no photos of that outfit here!)


Parka : Monki (L)
Shirt : Charity shop
Jeans : Evans (18)
Boots : Evans

Lipstick is Illamasqua’s Apocalips, earrings from Primark, necklace Tatty Devine


And here is Hannah and I, working away like good little gremlins! Mad love to the Cinnamon Buns cru, who had a massively successful Zine Fest <3


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