god jul!


I’ve been away! I’ve spent the last 9 days in snowy, snowy Sweden, a country anyone who knows me will affirm is close to my heart. I had a wonderful time, frolicking in the snow, eating absolutely perfect Swedish food, hiding inside watching films, drinking a lot. Anyway, here’s a very very typical outfit from the time I spent in Stockholm: I basically only wore a thick jumper, dark jeans, my Star Wars trainers, a parka and hat/scarf/gloves! Little variation there, but it was the perfect amount of clothes for -1 temperatures.

Parka : Monki
Jumper : Team Zissou sweater  – The Life Aquatic promotional material
Jeans : Evans
Trainers : Adidas Originals
Hat : Gap
Scarf : Cos

And with my jewellery of choice – huge ‘gold’ hoops (from a pack of 4 from Primark), and my BRO necklace, from Argos.

And just for fun, here are two of my favourite Stockholm moments: seeing wolverines in Skansen, and making a gingerbread house that actually stood up <3

So! God jul alla, merry Christmas everyone, and have a wonderful day anyway if you don’t observe it!

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