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I’ve been away! I’m sure no one noticed and no one missed me, though. Life recently has been a flurry of excitement, between job interviews, regular troublemaking, planning my first dance party and collaborating on an extremely exciting project with Evans and Clements Ribeiro which I’ll post properly about soon. But for today, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite photos from the Evans Shape Studio event.

First up is this gorgeous Scarlett & Jo dress. It’s resolutely not my style, but I love it. And if I was going to wear a more bodycon dress that draws attention to my ‘curves’ then this would be it. The Scarlett & Jo range is available from February 5th, and if you’re into more sexy/girly stuff then it’s definitely worth a look.

And now for the second look – a kind of great double-layer top from Live Unlimited. I accessorized it with a brilliant collar which belongs to one of the Live Unlimited designers and I just adored. I found this outfit super wearable and understated and very, very me. You can get the LU range from March 25th, so we’ll have to wait a little while!

Shape Studio was loadsa fun and I’m pretty sure all fat babes will find something to tempt them in the upcoming collection!


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