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It’s not so much a secret it’s just that 140-word bursts on Twitter isn’t the perfect forum to clearly explain news and interesting business: four other bloggers and I are soon to be the faces of the Spring/Summer 2013 Clements Ribeiro collection for Evans. Coming to shops near you in the late Spring are me, Marie, Nicolette, Georgina and Callie!

Sadly I can’t share images of the collection (or us in it!) just yet, but it was a very, very busy two days.

On the Thursday we all arrived at the Arcadia offices just off Oxford Street and were promptly whisked into hair & makeup. We didn’t see the Clements Ribeiro collection until the next day, and Thursday mainly revolved around a photo shoot and extensive interviewing for a feature about us and the collection that will appear in the Times in a couple of weekends.

Photo by Marie

Hair and makeup done, clothes chosen from next season’s Evans collection (but NOT SWAN! Our curiosity had to wait another day), photographed for the piece, interviewed individually, interviewed as a group, we barely had time to sit down and catch our breath before it was time for the Shape Studio event!

After that we walked up to the Riding House Cafe for an amazing dinner. Truly delicious, and far too much food! We were interviewed over dinner for this article that appeared in the Mail a couple of weeks ago (do I need to tell you not to read the comments? NO). We met a few other lovely journalists so who knows, maybe our faces will show up other places between now and May!

Taken back to the hotel in Knightsbridge, we all wanted to hit the hay before a very early start the next day, but we had to wash all the gunk out of our hair so we were so fresh, so clean for the shoot…

Unfortunately I can’t share photos of the clothes from the Clements Ribeiro / Evans shoot the next day but suffice to say, they were lovely. I am so proud I get to be a part of this collection and can’t wait to wear it!

We arrived at the stunning art deco dream Eltham Palace by 8am and the day began, as ever, with more hair and makeup. Having almost no hair, it means I’m easy to sort out, so I was the first to rummage and choose my outfit. By this point Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro arrived to see how things were going and help with the styling. Not gonna lie, I loved the ideas they had for my styling. It was amazing and refreshing to feel like Suzanne and Inacio wanted me to look like… me, rather than an easy plus-size trope they could reproduce.

Here’s how I looked for the shoot…

So basically if you wondered what I was doing for two days in the middle of January then this was it! I really can’t wait to share more with you from the collection when the time is right, but all I’m gonna say now is that it’s a stunning summer collection, and I had a wonderful time shooting it!

Though I always tell the truth, in the interests of full disclosure this post is sponsored by EvansĀ 

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