Second hand news.


I was poking around the charity shops of Lewisham when I came across this dress, originally from Topshop last year, for £7. I wanted it at the time but never bought it, and now it’s fallen into my lap. God bless you and preserve you, Cancer Research of Lewisham.

In other news, I have new shoes! I have huge feet (a large UK 9 or a 10) and buying shoes is a dull and frustrating experience for me since next to nowhere sells anything that fits. Enter Clarks, whose 9 extra-wide shoes are perfect and wonderful. This is the first pair I’ve had from them but if you’re struggling to find shoes big enough on the high street then seriously, give them a go. They look adorable, and they feel really strong and reliable (I’ve had a conversation with a pal recently about how we always have holes in the soles of our shoes because we are HEAVY STEPPERS). But anyway, these are basically my dream shoes (flat, lace-up, sensible, boy/girl).

I’m back on the blue lip thing. Lipgloss in Gender from Illamasqua.



Jacket : ASOS
Dress : Topshop via charity shop
Tights : M&S
Shoes : Clarks


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