team colours.


My boyfriend + I have a tradition. Whenever we DJ together, we wear our team outfit. It’s the rules. We thought about wearing a different t-shirt this weekend when we ran our club night, Dancing On My Own, but correctly decided to stick to the winning formula of YOLO donut t-shirt and yellow hoodie. This blog isn’t really a place I do day-to-day personal stuff but this seems as good a time as any to name Dennis as an amazing teammate / co-pilot / collaborator / partner in lots of things. It’s an honour to be a kickass team with him.

Also! I DIY-dyed my hair and I *love* the new colour! May I recommend Directions dye in Turquoise.

Hoodie : American Apparel
T-shirt : custom ordered by Dennis
Disco pants : Primark
Trainers : Adidas
Necklace : Tatty Devine
Earrings : Claire’s

 Hoodie : American Apparel
T-shirt : custom ordered by Dennis
Jeans : Weekday or Cheap Monday, I can’t remember
Shoes : Adidas

When we DJ at our club night, I do so much vigorous dancing to the bangin’ tunes we play that I get super warm. Every time, I’ve needed to take my top off to cool down, so this time I made my bra part of my outfit. When it got too hot to handle, I stripped down to my AMAZING new Cult of California galaxy-print sports bra!

I feel lobster + galaxy bra = one of my better style ideas…

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