dream dream dream.


I can never really go too wild with my acquisitions, but if money was no object or I wasn’t so slavishly committed to making savings for my ~Adventure Fund~, then I always have a little list of treasures in the back of my mind.


Current wishlist.

More and more I’m wanting the stuff I own to be fun and playful, as well as stylin’, and I feel as if all these items have a good sense of fun, or even just a little extra something. I’ve got the Illamasqua nail varnish in a different colour and I just love it- it creates a brilliant eggshell effect, and I want it in every colour.

I love the cat-eye Miu Miu sunglasses because they’re chic but still super-strong, and I feel like they’d be a pretty sweet investment, right?

The studded Michael Kors handbag is something I’ve been contemplating getting minus studs with some of the money I won from Simply Be (did I mention I won £1000 to spend at Simply Be, and they happen to carry some Michael Kors? Alas not the studded version…).

Tatty Devine are pretty much always in my heart, and this tiger necklace is so perfect. I get endless compliments whenever I wear my T.D. unicorn, and I reckon a tiger wouldn’t fare any worse!

Brian Lichtenberg t-shirts and sweaters are my kind of irreverent fun, but I definitely can’t afford to drop that kind of dollar on a t-shirt. A girl can dream!

I wore a pair of silver glittery Melissa jelly shoes on the Clements Ribeiro / Evans shoot and I kind of fell in love. I’d never have thought they would fit me (huge huge feet) but they were perfect.

And finally, the green American Apparel fisherman’s sweater: I’m kind of considering it. My pal Seb has one, and even has one in this colour, and my jealousy levels are just rapidly increasing. I tried Seb’s on, which pretty much settled any doubt in my mind. I should do it, yeah?

I would never lie to you on this blog. This is a sponsored post.

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