I don’t have particularly exacting standards for underwear: just don’t poke me, and don’t be ugly. Comfort and some vague hint to being aesthetically pleasing are good enough for me. I’ve been wearing my Panache Sculptresse on and off for a couple of weeks now just to make sure it’s pleasant and comfortable enough to give a good review to, and I’ve concluded it is. We’ve all been burned in the past- a bra that can withstand a morning, but by the afternoon it’s irritating/hurting you beyond all belief, so I wanted to give this one a good go first! I’m very impressed- it’s just a t-shirt bra, really, but something about it gives it an edge looks-wise. Even though it’s a plain black set, it still manages to be chic and sexy, and maybe that’s a combination of the texture of the material and the shape of the bra and knickers? It’s extremely comfortable and I don’t find myself wriggling and readjusting like I do with some of my other bras. I actually really love the knickers – they’re super comfortable and a really lovely shape. Not super high-waisted but a very satisfying silhouette and coverage. I’m not just reviewing it because Panache wanted to send me an underwear set, I’m reviewing it because nice, useful underwear that comes in a D-J cup and 36-46 back measurement can often be hard to find, and so much of my underwear purchasing is hit-and-miss. A plain, functional set that’s pleasingly stylish- big tick. Comfortable enough that I don’t complain all day or take my bra off before the evening (it has been known to happen) – big tick. Comes in a fairly comprehensive range of plus-sizes – big tick. The other colours and prints of the Sculptresse stuff are gorgeous, and I’ve seen some reviews of a floral print set that were lovely.

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