c’est chic.


Yep, I’m definitely back into my girly side. Collectif sent me this beautiful Phyllis Doll Dress (as convincingly modelled by Georgina!) to try, and although at first I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was my style, as soon as I put it on I knew it was right. I just adore the material – it’s made of the perfect stuff to be strong but stretchy, and it feels nice to the touch. The white floral detailing is unobtrusive but pretty, and it’s the perfect length for me. More than anything, I felt really comfortable in this dress. With dresses I often feel like I need to pin the front shut, or that the skirt is too short, or that something is poking me, but this was such a pleasant wearing experience from start to finish, and I really loved the way it looked. You know what I want? The same dress in emerald green. Listen up, Collectif!

I’m also renewing my attempts to smile in photos. Maybe one day I’ll give up my bitchface altogether…

Dress : Phyllis Doll by Collectif
Shoes : Clarks

Worn with my beloved Alex Monroe lace fern heart locket, and LimeCrime Velvetine lip stuff in Red Velvet.

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