in the cut.


A couple of days ago I went to check out Evans’ offerings for spring / summer 2014 (yes, already!). The most exciting thing on show was their Cut for Evans collection, designed by students from leading fashion colleges and universities across the country. I’ll do a proper post on it when the collection launches in February, but I just wanted to give everyone a look at my favourite pieces, and to say this: I am amazed, excited and enthusiastic about this collection, and I wholly support it as long as between now (me seeing the samples) and the launch of the collection, these designs don’t get watered down or the number of items significantly reduced. Got it, Evans?! Because if they can follow through on what I saw at the press day, then it’s basically going to be the best thing that’s happened to mainstream plus size fashion since the Beth Ditto collection.

Also from Evans’ S/S14 range (but not from Cut for Evans) are these beauties. I am dying to get my hands on the black top with the green faux-necklace! There was a lot to like here, and it felt considerably fresher than past offerings.

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