blonde on blonde.


I know I’m not a BEAUTY BLOGGER but I’ve had a few people ask me about how I got blonde, so I thought I’d do a little post on it.

I started out with hair like this, which is my natural colour. Not gonna lie, I think having one uniform colour across my whole head and the fact it was my natural colour made a big difference to the outcome.

I’d been thinking about going blonde for a while, so when my pal Charlotte and I decided to YOLO, I picked up the Bleach London Total Bleach and White Toner. The bleach kit comes with gloves, a mixing bowl and a brush to apply it with, and has strong powder bleach and developer that you mix together. I’d read a few reviews of the Total Bleach kit, and they all mentioned how little there is once you mixed it up. I would say that’s totally accurate- as you can see, I have much shorter hair than many people who would be using the Bleach stuff (not least the model on the front of the packet) and Charlotte only just had enough to cover my whole head. It worked fast, though, and one application of the bleach and then the white toner lifted it to this…

As you can see, for something I got out of a box from Boots, it worked impressively. Unsurprisingly, my roots were much much lighter than my ends, but to be honest I was just so taken aback by the fact it went blonde all over. Even though it didn’t go white, the White Toner made a massive difference and I would seriously recommend it.

A week later, I decided to re-do the whole process to get it closer to what I had in mind when I decided to do it in the first place. I re-did my whole head, not just roots, with the Total Bleach kit, and then another application of White Toner, and ta-dah!

I loved this outcome. I’m so, so impressed with the Bleach products in every way aside from the amount you get in the Total Bleach kit (the White Toner produces a lot more). I thought about going to a hairdresser to get my roots done every 6 weeks, but I’ve decided to just do it myself (and by do it myself I mean get a pal to do it for me…). The bleach and toner cost £7 each so I spent £28 getting it a lovely pale blonde, and I really consider that a pretty decent outcome.


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