If I hadn’t made it abundantly clear with my squealing on social media, I’m going on holiday next week! I’m off to New York for two weeks, where I plan to stroll, eat, drink, see art, meet up with various fat babes, do some gentle partying and generally live the dream. New York weather is gloriously unpredictable, but whether it’s blazing sunshine or torrential rain, it’s almost certainly going to be hot and humid. I’ve pretty much got all of my clothes sorted, so I thought I’d show you my general ideas about what I’ll be wearing while I’m there!

I’ve included the dress I’m going to wear at the wedding we’re DJing at, which I chose purely because I loved it. I know that sounds like an obvious reason to choose something, but I’ve realised that the more chub I get, the more I just choose dresses for events based on whether they’ll fit and be generally easy-to-wear on my fat body, rather than if I actually like them. It’s something to do with the whole ‘flattering’ thing, I think. Sometimes you stop asking yourself ‘do I love this?’ and instead settle for ‘will this look acceptable on me?’. I thought I’d try to break out of that with a tight, off-the-shoulder dress with a pattern I wouldn’t normally wear!

Fingers crossed I’ll get some outfit photos while I’m there, but knowing me I’ll be too sweaty and gross to want my photo taken, so here’s either the EXACT ITEMS I’m taking or, in the case of the vest and the jacket, current season versions of them.

Acid wash jeans – Boohoo plus // neon orange vest – New Look // fruit print culottes – Primark // green cage-back playsuit – Alice & You at ASOS Curve // black leather sandals – Dr Martens // floral midi skirt – ASOS Curve // Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl – Nars // black playsuit – Evans // brass monkey earrings – Monki // cage waist belt – ASOS Curve // black jacket – Topshop // white galaxy dress – Lipstick Boutique Plus // Gelly nail varnish in Kiwi – Barry M

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