Hello friends! Instead of broadcasting from my desk at work, I’m writing to you from bed in Brooklyn, drinking the nectar of the gods (Arizona raspberry ice tea) and nursing my sunburn. I’m finally on holiday! 2 weeks in New York is underway, so I thought I would post my outfits so far.

One of the points of going on holiday is to do different stuff to what you usually do back home, so on my first day in NY, I met up with some of my pals (who are also holidaying here) to go to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade! It’s an annual parade with floats and marching bands and MERMAIDS. There were *lots* of inspirational fat femme mermaids, which warmed my heart.

I decided to take advantage of the fact my lovely mum had bought me some Little Mermaid leggings (unrelated to Mermaid Parade!) and go on-brand for the day.

Vest : Primark
Leggings : Primark
Sandals : Dr Martens
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses : Miu MiuĀ 
Necklace : Tatty Devine

Then yesterday, for a breakfast in Williamsburg then a stroll around the Brooklyn Flea, followed by taking the subway into Manhattan and walking from Union Square to Central Park before a picnic in the park, I wore my wonderful Simply Be jumpsuit. I haven’t blogged this yet because I haven’t been able to photograph that many outfits lately. It’s such a good jumpsuit, in such a good print. A particularly beautiful, stylish lady in the lift at work even complimented me on it! My only criticism is that it’s slightly too short for me, and I’m 5ft 9. I want my jumpsuits to be dragging along the ground, not trailing around my ankles!

Jumpsuit : Look magazine for Simply Be
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sandals : Dr Martens

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