it’s always sunny.


Hello pals! Just thought I’d swing by to post this excellent sundress I got for £7 in Primark the other day. I haven’t been making much of an effort with my appearance recently, but I thought wearing a cute outfit and some makeup would help me get back into feeling like my usual self. I often feel self-conscious in things with very thin straps, but firstly, I love these stripy ones, and secondly, they’re detachable! Snap up this dress while they still have some lingering on sale rails…

Dress : Primark
Bag : Kate Spade
Sandals : Dr Martens
Sunglasses : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace : Black Heart Creatives (similar available on their website, I made this tropical beach holiday-themed one myself with BHC’s owner, my pal Charlotte!)

On my face is my beloved No. 7 lipstick in Gay Geranium.

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