hello kitty.


I’m trying to get out of the habit of dressing like a slob for work and never making an effort, so I thought I would take my new pinafore dress for a spin on a Monday! This is the kind of item I’ve often desperately wanted and lamented the fact that plus size retailers have never bothered to make, so when I saw Alice & You had made a perfect black denim version, obviously I snapped it up. I think it works well with this slightly cropped, long-sleeved breton t-shirt from H&M’s main range and bare legs, but I’ll be wearing it with my American Apparel fisherman’s sweater in autumn, I’m sure.

T-shirt : H&M
Pinafore dress : Alice & You at ASOS
Sandals : Dr Martens

And I went to visit my pal Cathy’s kittens! Here is me with the tiniest of the two, little baby Jules <3 I’m growing out my hair into a bob because I can’t remember what it was like to have a bob (my two optimal styles are pixie cut and graduated bob, and can’t decide between them), but my hair looks so bad at the moment that I’m trialling a hair scarf situation to conceal that fact! This brilliant pheasant-print number was a gift from my darling friend Beth, who I believe acquired it from her aunt. Fashion is a flat circle.

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