it’s autumn in gothenburg.


While going through a breakup earlier in the summer, I decided to give myself some light at the end of the tunnel and make sure I had something to look forward to. I booked to go to Gothenburg for a few days towards the end of September, knowing that by then I would be back on my feet and in the mood to enjoy it. And how right I was! I spent last weekend in Sweden and had an absolutely wonderful time, sitting on trams, sitting on boats, learning stuff, eating cake, drinking coffee, reading, strolling in the sunshine, looking at art, chilling in the harbour. I also did some quality hangouts with my pal Fiona who lives there, including a spot of shopping, where I picked up some excellent items. I’ll post the accessories when the temperature drops (a perfect baby blue scarf and a black beanie hat with a net veil!) but I’ve already put a couple of the items into wardrobe circulation.

I adore this light jacket. I’m naturally hot as hell (in body temperature as in looks) so having very lightweight outerwear makes the beginning and end of summer much more bearable. It comes in various colours (from plain black to a pattern reminiscent of fireworks) but I thought this one was the best of both worlds. And I love wearing it over a midi dress of the same length, so it’s a good job I also got my hands on this useful black jersey midi dress. I noticed Swedish H&M had a lot more basic pieces in XL than I’ve ever seen in London branches, which is why I bought it while I was there rather than chancing they’d have it or something similar when I got home (which I bet they don’t). A comfy, easy autumn outfit.

Dress : H&M basics
Coverup : Monki
Brogues : Clarks
Belt : ASOS Curve


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