miss guided.


First things first: It’s not cool when plus size ranges stop at a 24. Women bigger than a size 24 deserve new lines and products just as much as everyone else, and brands need to fix up and expand the sizes of their plus ranges as an interim measure, with an end goal in mind of merging the plus and regular ranges. With those limitations in mind, I want to say how much I’m enjoying Missguided’s new range for sizes 16-24. It’s not a million miles away from the site’s offerings for those under a 16, its prices are roughly in line with New Look and there’s already quite a lot launched in the range. This is my first of two posts featuring outfits from the new Missguided Plus range. Size-wise, it’s somewhere between bang-on and generous. I shouldn’t have sized up in trousers, which is something I do instinctively because I’m so used to brands fundamentally misunderstanding how bodies and proportions work. These dogtooth trousers are stretchy but fairly thick, so would fit really well in your usual size. This khaki duster jacket is light and chic and easy to throw on, and makes a nice change from black or pastel dusters for when I don’t want to go super femme. And I took this opportunity to acquire a hat, since I’ve been thinking about getting one for reasons unknown. I kinda like it?

AND, my babies, if you use the code PLUS10 you can get 10% off the chubster range at the moment.

Coat : Missguided
Top : Missguided
Trousers : Missguided
Brogues : Clarks
Hat : Missguided

And today I’m wearing Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Elusive, and a sweet / weird hand necklace that I made my mum buy me in Lefty’s when we were in Portugal.

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