have yourself a merry little christmas.


I feel like this outfit is a super-loose, contemporary, fat interpretation of something Judy Garland might wear in Meet Me In St Louis, a film I love with all my heart. This is my second Missguided Plus outfit, and it’s obviously nothing like the stuff I usually wear and yet I adore it. It’s so cute it’s sick, and perfect for getting my festive cheer off the ground (my Morrissey Christmas jumper I wore to the airport on Wednesday doesn’t count). I know a lot of my blogging comrades chose two-piece sets from Missguided, but I thought a sweet little tartan skirt suit-esque thing was more me than a matching top and skirt. Either way, they’re doing a great line in matching bits and pieces.

Can’t decide if I like it better au naturel or with the lapels flipped back – an important decision.

Jacket : Missguided
Skirt : Missguided
T-shirt : Topshop
Stole : Missguided, but mine appears to be sold out so here’s a similar-ish one
Boots : Primark

And to really get into the Christmas mood, I’m wearing my Black Heart Creatives sleigh necklace for the first time!

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