mixed fortunes.


Hello friends! Just a quick one to show you this month’s Junarose picks, which I wore for a chilled Sunday of reading, strolling and cinema. I’m generally averse to the cardigan, but when I saw this fuzzy pink one I had to have it. It’s comfortable, warm and a great colour. I adore these grey trousers with neon detailing, in theory, but as you’ll see below, I had some issues with them…


Cardigan: Junarose
T-shirt: Junarose
Trousers: Junarose
Sneakers: Nike

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing. I hate being negative on here, but if I’m not providing you with useful, relevant information, then what’s the point? Basically, about 15 minutes after those pictures were taken, this [see below photo] happened. As you can see from the main outfit pictures, the trousers fit me fine. They’re not too small – if anything, I sized up – but there’s just something about the combination of the lack of any stretch, the relatively fine material and the shape of my muscly thighs that meant as soon as I sat down, I felt them rip on one side. It breaks my heart because I love these trousers and was looking forward to introducing them into my regular rotation of ‘easy to wear Junarose bottoms’ that I so enjoy, but it looks like these were a one-time wonder. Maybe a pal with sewing skills can help me out but if not, it’s game over.

I was happy with my makeup yesterday! I had coveted a gorgeous lip look I’d seen on my darling Danie┬áso thought I’d pick up the products she used to see if I liked it on me too. Turns out I did. Maybelline Color Drama lip crayon with Rimmel lipliner in Addiction round the outside is a definite yes from me.

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