feeling myself.


I keep saying it but I really feel like I’m peaking right now. Thriving, loving life, smashing it- all of the above. I felt especially powerful in my Saturday night DJing outfit, which was this extraordinary ASOS Curve bodysuit (currently only left in a couple of sizes- GO GO GO!) I felt strong and powerful and like I’d achieved some higher form, like the world’s most seductive fat superheroine. I loved my butt, I loved my thighs, I loved my hips. I loved everything about me in this outfit and that converted into some powerful and sustaining energy. This is the perfect look for me: tight and sexy but not too girly, and I just adore a mesh panel. The material is jersey, which made me worry that it would be a horrible lumpy mistake, but I wore a pair of sucking-in pants and I felt well-supported and smoothed-out all-over. It’s very stretchy and comfortable, and I would definitely not advise sizing up. Basically, it’s magnificent, and I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it: I see it becoming my standard DJing outfit for a long time.

ps. Hope you enjoy the backdrop of this outfit pic- the Air B&B my pal Christina was staying in this weekend!

Bodysuit : ASOS Curve
Shoes : New Look

Lipstick was the inimitable Tom Ford Velvet Cherry, the most kissable of them all.

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