nautical but nice.


When my latest delivery from Junarose came, I nearly squealed with glee. Just the look of the bright red and the perfect breton stripes together, next to each other, in the box was a beautiful sight to behold, and I couldn’t wait to wear them. When I came to put in my order, the dress was unavailable in the size I wanted, and they only had two sizes smaller, so I thought I’d chance it and I’m really glad I did. It gives me a cute lil VBO (visible belly outline) but apart from that I wouldn’t really want it any bigger, let alone two sizes bigger. I think my favourite thing about the dress is the sweet little chambray cuff turn-ups. Thoughtful, unobtrusive design details like that (and the navy blue ribbon at the back of the neck of the breton top) are why I like Junarose. The coat fits perfectly, and is the absolute perfect length to go over the dress without any of the dress peeking out the bottom, as you can see!

Coat : Junarose
Dress : Junarose
Brogues : Clarks

Lipstick is, again Nars Velvet Matte lip crayon in Dragon Girl.

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