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When I was in New York a couple of weekends ago I took a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens to see the Mad Men exhibition with my beloved friend Kristy. One part of the exhibition was, of course, the costumes, and I was reminded of one of Joan’s greatest outfits: the short-sleeved green dress she wears in the incredible episode where a guy loses his foot to a lawnmower in the office. Here is Joan and dress, complete with blood.

Since that moment I became set on the idea of a short-sleeved green dress, and lo and behold, good old ASOS Curve delivered the goods. It’s even got pockets.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Shoes: New Look 

Today is also the first outing of my new Anna Lou of London name necklace! You may notice it looks remarkably similar to the one I already have but, friends, such a little thing makes such a big difference. This necklace is rose gold rather than yellow gold, and is on a longer chain than my yellow gold necklace. I find the chain on my other name necklace is fine most of the time, but with some necklines it’s just too short, so I deliberately got this one a little longer, and it’s perfect. Lipstick is the one I made at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!

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