This is truly the week of ASOS success stories, so here’s another: I got obsessed with a really beautiful top on ASOS a couple of months ago. A sweet, chic floral print, with short sleeves and a slightly open back. It sold out quickly, because it was completely beautiful. I missed my chance, I wailed, I cried, but ever the optimist, I never removed it from my Saved Items on the off-chance it ever came back in stock. I check my Saved Items most days, just to see if anything has moved in price or has been restocked, so one day, I dutifully checked. Nothing changed. Then,  for no particular reason I refreshed the page. And there it was! One single top! In my size! I ordered it instantly and we’ve been happy together ever since. This weekend, I wore it with my beloved floral Simply Be trousers from earlier this year which I’ve worn so much they’ve finally given up.

floral coat

floral outfit

Top : ASOS Curve
Trousers : Simply Be
Coat : Studio 8
Sneakers : Superga
Bag : ASOS

On Sunday I went out with half a mind to drop some serious £ on a Guerlain lipstick I’ve been wanting, but I dropped into H&M to have a look at their new makeup range and I was sold. Instead of bankrupting myself on luxury lipstick, I picked up one of the new H&M lipsticks in Dragonfruit. It’s much more dramatic than in this picture, but it looks pleasantly juicy here.

floral selfie

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