me and my mini.


I was always wary of miniskirts. When you’re fat, the bar for respectability is higher: a miniskirt ‘appears’ shorter if you’re fat, but I’m unsure whether that’s an optical illusion or a cultural dislike of seeing fat bodies. It’s the same if you have big boobs and wear a low cut top- it just looks less ‘respectable’ than someone with a flat chest wearing the same top. So the combination of being fat, quite tall and having a big bum (which makes skirts and dresses look shorter on me) meant I stuck to knee length or longer. That was UNTIL! I saw the chartreuse suede mini skirt in the lookbook modelled by Gabi. I had to at least try it. Even though it was very off-brand for me, I loved it instantly, so ordered it this week and was not disappointed…

ASOS Curve chartreuse suede mini skirt jacket ASOS Curve chartreuse suede mini skirt

Jacket : ASOS Curve (old, similar here)
Shirt : George at Asda (old)
Skirt : ASOS Curve
Shoes : Evans
Earrings : H&M

I’m still wild about Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks. I picked up two more (and a solid Sleek lipstick) this week because it’s 3 for 2 in Superdrug on all cosmetics but I really only have eyes for sleek. Bargainous, matte, opaque and bright. Perfect. This one is Party Pink.

Sleek Matte Me in Party Pink


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