stars and shoes.


Today’s outfit is a dress and coat I’ve had for ages, and a pair of boots I haven’t. Now I’m just blogging on my own terms, rather than feeling like I have to post new clothes every time and post regularly, I don’t feel like showing an outfit where the clothes are old is an issue. I love the colour combination of hot pink and navy blue and think it’s really underrated, so on this blustery London day, I decided to pair an ASOS coat I’ve had for several years with a star print dress I got last summer and have barely worn.  The most exciting thing, though, is the shoes…

Star print dress

Dress: ASOS Curve
Coat: ASOS
Boots: Yours

The main thing I love about this outfit, though, is the shoes. These platform wedge ankle boots are the new love of my life… along with several other pairs I also picked up from Yours. I have size 10 feet, which makes shoe shopping a nightmare. Ever wondered why I only really wear trainers or generally coded-masculine shoes? That’s why. Until recently, there was one place on the high street I could consistently buy shoes (as opposed to taking a chance that some open sandals might fit me in a 9), and that was Evans. A lot of good people work at Evans, and the company has been good to me over my blogging life, but I can’t pretend their shoes are anything other than hot garbage. The styles are pretty basic, and most seasons there won’t be a single pair that actively excites me, but the main problem is the absolutely woeful quality. Flat shoes from Evans last me, on average, 3 weeks. Which would be fine if they were Primark prices, but they ain’t. Evans needs to up their shoe game in general, but now I’ve discovered Yours make a size 10, I have absolutely no reason to ever shop there again. Here are all the shoes that Yours stocks in a 10, both wide fit and extra wide. I picked up several pairs when I got paid last week, which probably seems excessive but realistically a) I don’t have any shoes like them and b) I can’t take the chance that I’ll ever see them again in my size. The discovery of cool, not-too-expensive shoes and boots in my size is actually more exciting for me than a lot of clothing ranges, because I feel like it’s going to be a real asset to every outfit I wear. Instead of defaulting to trainers which mean every outfit looks casual, I have choices! I can wear knee-high platform boots or rose gold chunky heeled sandals with my jeans rather than just deciding between canvas or suede sneakers. Honestly, I feel better already.

Black platform ankle boots

Today’s lipstick is my old faithful Stila liquid lipstick in Patina. I cannot get enough of it. I think it’s overtaken Kat Von D Double Dare as my ultimate go-to shade.

Stila Patina

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