tres chic.


I’m trying a New Thing. That thing is ‘to look more put-together’ and generally make more of an effort more of the time. There’s no point envying chic, well-dressed women if I could put in about 20% more effort and look 60% better. Anyway, here is an example of what I mean. Maybe it’s stocking up on excellent shoes from Yours? Maybe having an array of really good shoes is helping me dress better? Who knows. Either way, I liked my outfit yesterday and here it is.


Shirt: M&S 
Jeans: M&S
Sandals: Yours
Bag: Longchamp

Earrings are from H&M, but I acquired them by making the acquaintance of one Laila Loves by the pool on holiday in Marrakech, who rightly thought I would love them. Lipstick is my 2016 fave Bacca by Stila.


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