seasons change.


Today’s post is basically 100% made up of items I bought in summer sales that I’m still wearing now autumn is here. I was really kind of confused about why this navy blue midi dress was in the Cos sale this summer- it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d buy for your autumn wardrobe. But it was 70% off and stretchy enough to fit me in their biggest size, so I bought it rather than spending any more time wondering why they’d put it in the sale. And this jacket is quilted, which means it’s less than ideal for summer, but again, I got it at 70% off a couple of months ago and have been waiting for the right time to break it out. I think I got it more reduced than it was meant to be because mine has a tiny hole in the collar, but it’s basically invisible and covered by my hair, so I can deal with it. And these sandals: I know I’m pushing it a bit by wearing white sandals in October, but I really feel like they work… I hope you do too!


Jacket: &Other Stories
Dress: Cos
Sandals: Yours Clothing

Look at that pattern!


Worn with Nars Valkyrie lipstick, one of my favourite non-liquid lipsticks. I find it hard to get pinky-brown lipstick right when it’s not in a matte liquid formula, but this is really one of my very, very favourites.


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