read my lips.


It’s been a long time since an item I wore in a selfie prompted quite such a flurry of ‘OMG where is that from?!’ comments, and with good reason. My new lips and lipstick-print shirt from Joanie is exactly the kind of item that people just can’t help commenting on.

It’s not a secret that I have very limited time for vintage-inspired/vintage-reproduction clothing lines, so it’s a real breath of fresh air to come across a new one that’s got a wide range of extremely cute, fun, beautiful, wearable styles. I just don’t wear floral prom dresses, but I do wear cool separates and great prints, so there was a lot for me to get excited about at Joanie. There’s just something more thoughtful about this range than pretty much every vintage-inspired range that has gone before. It’s got a real personality, for one thing- I absolutely cannot wait to wear the other item I got from there, this adorable embroidered jumper. FYI, Both of the Joanie items in this post are available from size 8 to 26, and everything I’ve seen on the site is £48 or under. Not to go full personal shopper, but I can see so many people I know looking absolutely incredible in this dress, not just because my beloved Em is modelling it on the site!



Coat: ASOS
Blouse: Joanie
Skirt: Joanie
Shoes: Evans (old)

Wearing with my new YSL knock-off earrings I got on Ebay, and the greatest red lipstick of all time: Sephora Always Red.


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