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Hello friends! Over the past year I’ve got smarter at shopping. I buy fewer clothes and the stuff I do buy tends to work better with my wardrobe and my overall personal style. I’m better at buying for the person I actually am, rather than the person I think my clothes will help me become! Anyway, I’ve been cultivating a little wishlist of stuff I particularly love at the moment and maybe on payday I’ll buy a couple of things. I thought I would share it with you, not least to find out of anyone has any info on the sizing of Mango Violeta (hey, sometimes I can use my blog to inform me rather than inform you!) as I’ve never ordered from them before and would appreciate some intel.

I’m loving t-shirts at the moment, but they need to be playful and wearable. I think these are perfect and I already have the Brunch Club tee in blush. I think the grey could be a great wardrobe asset too. And I just can’t get enough of big ruffles: I find myself admiring every iteration of the huge ruffle trend every time I see it, and I feel like this sweet lilac sweat would be a great item to combat spring evening chill.

Ruffle sweat // Mom jeans //
Tropical dress // Brunch club tee //
Sailor tee // Lobster bag //

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