skirt the issue.


I struggle with skirts. I wonder if this is a plus size thing- I know the brand I work for (hi, navabi!) stocks relatively few skirts compared to other items. I love the way midi skirts look but find I sometimes feel kind of frumpy in them, and I’m really self-conscious of wearing mini skirts because I have a big a$$ and a high waist, which means they come up super short on me. But! I have struck gold with this pleather wrap skirt from Elvi!

I’m wearing it today with this great, simple shirt from Zara. This kind of shirt is hard to find in plus sizes- it feels brands always mess with something fundamentally easy, or they make them too long because for some reason they believe that’s what we want. Anyway, I tried this shirt on in Zara in Palermo in a large, which was fine, but I really wanted the extra large, so I ordered it via their app while I was away. It’s a bargain! £12.99! Of course, it only fits because it’s specifically marked as ‘oversize’- I would never really expect stuff from Zara to fit me…

Shirt : Zara
Skirt : Elvi
Shoes : Evans, old

On my lips is Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Heathers. Hey, speaking of lips- I’m wearing a different lipstick every day in October so I don’t get stuck in a rut of only using old favourites, and I’m tagging it #Liptober on Instagram. Lots of other people are getting involved so if you want some makeup inspiration, check out the tag!

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