a universal standard.


I just want clothes that work. Things that suit me, that work with my wardrobe, that take zero effort on my part. Universal Standard feels like a brand that’s doing that. When I went to New York last month, one of the first things I booked (after a tour of Donald Judd’s home-studio on Spring Street!) was a visit to the Universal Standard showroom. I tried on everything that I was even vaguely interested in, with the intention of only buying the Geneva dress (because it looks great on everyone) and I’d even conserved some birthday money to spend on a Universal Standard order. Unfortunately, I was between sizes in the Geneva and it didn’t look 100% perfect on me, but two other items really jumped out at me. One was the Marano wrap top and the other was this dress- the Katy dress in aubergine. I knew it would slip seamlessly into my wardrobe, and I felt so comfortable in it. I’m wearing it today with bare legs and mules because it’s wildly warm in London at the moment, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with tights and black ankle boots when it cools off.

Dress: Universal Standard
Shoes: Evans (old)

On my lips is the absolutely delicious Urban Decay liquid lipstick in Blackmail, which I just love. I DJed at an Urban Decay instore party last night and asked for part-payment in makeup, and they did not let me down!

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