jewel toned.


Around this time of year, every year, the phrase ‘jewel tones’ starts cropping up in people’s fashion vocabulary. It’s a time of year when you want to buy pieces in rich, deep shades in luxurious fabrics, and I’m no different. I wore this outfit yesterday when I needed to look together, but not too done. This coat has been my favourite purchase of the season (so thank you to my mum who alerted me to its existence)- I get so many compliments on it, it’s a perfect fit, the perfect weight, perfect pockets. I just adore it. I paired it with my beloved Katy dress from Universal Standard, where, frankly, I would happily buy my whole wardrobe if I could. On my feet are this kind gift from Evans, where basically all my feminine shoes come from. I was wary because I never wear anything with even a slight heel because the balls of my feet feel like they’re burning after a few hours, so I put a pair of trainers in my bag in case things got bad, but nope. This beautiful tapestry-esque pair of boots were perfectly comfortable all day long.

Coat: Mango
Dress: Universal Standard
Boots: Evans

And I’m wearing my all-time favourite earrings, which I wear in one colour or another most days anyway, but had to wear yesterday because I was having lunch with my friend Maartje who designed them when she was a jewellery designer at H&M!

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